Appointment Setting

We help you manage all appointment requests,
cancellations, rescheduling, and reminders

Our Appointment Setting service is designed to streamline your scheduling process and ensure that no opportunities are missed

All your appointment-related tasks are taken care of by HireBiz Med, so that you can free up your time to focus on high quality patient care.
Ensuring your appointments run smoothly, and that your book is always full. Is our top priority!

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Meet your dedicaded virtual medical appointment setting

Here is a partial list of the duties included under ‘Appointment Setting’:

Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant FAQs

A service offered by HireBiz Med, which handles all appointment requests, cancellations, rescheduling, follow-up and reminders for patients.
Yes. We make sure to integrate with your existing appointment tools to ensure smooth operation.
We are HIPPA Compliant! HireBiz Med takes the confidentiality and security of patients’ information very seriously, and in accordance with data privacy regulations.
It’s all about the soul! HireBiz Med offers a personalized approach to appointment setting, working closely with healthcare professionals to understand their specific needs, requirements, lingo and scripts!