Billing & Collections

Effortless billing & collections with
HirebizMed virtual assistant

The HireBiz Med Med team has extensive experience, and a deep understanding, of how to handle billing processes.

This ensures accuracy and efficiency in collecting payments from insurers. As part of this task. We will be providing you with detailed reports on the status of your invoices. By delegating this task to our teams, you can rest assured your finances are always on track!

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Here is a partial list of the duties included under ‘Billing & Collections’:

Billings & Collections FAQs

The objective is to ensure accuracy and efficiency in collecting payments and keeping the finances of medical practices on track. The billing and collections virtual assistant is responsible for various tasks, as seen in the section above.

Yes! The rule of thumb is to ensure no bill is behind. By delegating billing and collections tasks to HireBiz Med virtual assistants, medical practices can focus on providing quality care to their patients.

The virtual assistant handles insurance claim denials by performing a thorough review of the denial and taking necessary steps to resolve the issue. This may include re-submitting the claim with the necessary supporting documentation, appealing the denial, or assisting with alternative payment plans. The virtual assistant works closely with you to resolve denials and ensures your practice finances are not negatively impacted.