'Care' Follow Ups for Frequent-Visit Patients

HireBiz Med also offers ‘CARE’ follow-ups to returning patients who visit your practice on a regular basis.

For your Frequent-Visit patients, we will keep track of scheduled check-ups or upcoming due screenings by keeping in contact with them.

We use a combination of communication tools, such as email, text, and phone, to reach out to scheduled and non-scheduled Frequent-Visit patients, remind them of upcoming visits or encourage them to schedule one.

With our “Care” Follow-Ups service, patients can feel confident that they have a dedicated team of medical professionals working tirelessly to support their health and well-being.

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Here is a partial list of the duties included under ‘'Care' Follow Ups for Frequent-Visit Patients’:

'Care' Follow Ups for Frequent-Visit Patients FAQs

The main purpose is to assist healthcare professionals to keep track of regular check-ups and screenings for returning, so that the appointment books are always full. The second purpose, just as important, is to provide patients with a holistic personalized customer care experience, of the highest level.

Healthcare professionals and their patients alike! Your virtual assistant helps you improve patient engagement and satisfaction, and save time and resources. Patients feel like they are handled by individuals who truly care about their condition and treatment plan.

Yes. Since we strive to streamline information in real-time, any necessary appointments changes  or to the healthcare professional’s availability are being processed in real-time.