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Elevate Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services

At HireBiz, we offer a wide range of services & solutions to help you scale your business to new heights! With our team of experts by your side, it will be easier for you to achieve your business goals and see an immediate growth.

Too Overwhelming To Keep Track of Everything Related To The Business?

Hire a Virtual Assistant today and have everything organized the way you like it!

Easy 4-Steps to Start Your Journey with HireBiz!


1. Consult

Once you leave us your contact information, we will reach out and ask you to tell us about your business, challenges and goals. This helps us match you with the RIGHT team of professionals!

2. Choose
Once learning about your business, we will offer you the right solution to start growing your business efficiently and effectively
3. Meet
Jump on a video call & get to know your account manager and your dedicated virtual assistant/s. Once approved by you, training starts!
4. Start
When training is completed to your best satisfaction, it is time to delegate all heavy lifting tasks to us! Your new assistants are here to save you time and money

Stop Paying $25-$30/hr For Unperforming In-Office Assistant!

Hire a Virtual Assistant today and save up to 68% on Labor Costs

Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated Account Manager, who supervises your assistant’s daily performance, and conducts weekly video meeting with you, to review activity and make sure we meet your needs and goals, no matter what!


Things to know when working with our personal virtual assistant

Once choosing your plan, you will be working with a professional skilled virtual assistant exclusively. That means you can create a long-term relationship with someone who is highly qualified, trained, and knowledgeable across all of your preferences.

Oh yeah! Prior to starting your collaboration with HireBiz, you’ll have the opportunity to interview your virtual assistant.

You will also enjoy the services of a designated Account Manager, who will report back to you on a daily basis, as well as conduct a weekly phone/video chat with you (your choice!) to update you on all matters related to your account

Our virtual assistants focus on multi-level categories of support: Front Office, Back Office, and personal.

Front Office includes:

scheduling, calendaring, receptionist and coordination support.

Back Office includes:

data entry, processes, organization, bookkeeping, accounting and more.

Personal includes:

travel, family, home and more.

We do it all!

But since our service is virtual, we cannot run physical errands. Also, we cannot provide services which require a professional license.
Your virtual assistant is dedicated to your business for 40 hours/week.

Your hour-bank (what we call: cycle) is replenished every 30 days.

You can add hours or upgrade to additional assistants at any time!

Please note that downgrades cannot happen within an existing cycle, but rather at the next renewal.

That is not a problem!

If you occasionally run out of your 40 weekly hours, you can purchase additional hours at the SAME FLAT RATE of $12/hour.
BUT – If you consistently run out of hours, it may be smarter to consider upgrading your plan.

This is rare, as our candidate sourcing procedures are very strict and thorough!

However, if you’re not pleased with the quality, we will replace your assistant with a new one. Your satisfaction is at the TOP of the list, no questions asked!

When you sign up you enjoy a dedicated assistant, but also the services of a designated Account Manager, who supervises performance, tasks, and hours.

Your Account Manager reports back to you on a daily basis, as well as conduct a weekly phone/video chat with you (your choice!) to update you on all matters related to your account.

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